Kilbarger Drilling

Kilbarger Drilling is a land-based, contract oil and gas drilling company.  Founded in 1986 with one drilling rig, our fleet has expanded to six rigs servicing our clients in the states of Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, New York and Pennsylvania.  We drill year round, w4 hours a day 7 days a week.  Kilbarger Drilling has a strong legacy of attracting and retaining high quality rig crews.  These crews are capable of employing drilling techniques that are best suited to the regional subsurface geology.  The company invests significant resources in training and developing its employees as it views them as a competitive advantage in deploying its rigs while maintaining the highest safety standards and a strong, reliable crew.  

 Kilbarger Drilling is operated by Tony Kilbarger.  His superintendent is Gary Smith.  For more information on pricing please don't hesitate to contact Tony at 740.385.6019 or Gary at 740.438.0998.